Jerusalem Nights

Bringing People Together Through Jerusalem’s Culture & Nightlife

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Our Vision

We believe that people are experience oriented. When you visit a new place, you want to explore not just the history and landmarks, but the people and culture. That’s what we’re all about. We bring people together – offering visitors unique cultural experiences while meeting locals.

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Why Jerusalem Nights?

We are experience oriented. With us you will taste great food and drinks, listen to exotic tunes and smile your way through the city. 

We bring you to the culture. Jerusalem is one of the most culturally diverse cities. You’ll meet and chat with the people that make this city so unique

We ensure you have fun. We are dedicated to ensuring a pleasurable Jerusalem experience. You won’t just take back souvenirs, but memories that last a lifetime.



 Just got back from this delightful experience. I couldn’t of have had a better start in Israel. Ezra is a nice sincere person and his Jerusalem experience is shown ( he grew up In Jerusalem). The pubs were great, the atmosphere was electrifying and unique – never experienced any thing like this..

– Dor B.

“A must”

Through the nooks and crannies of the marketplace to discover places I would never have found: bars and pubs with great music, sublime drinks, friendly bar tenders and most of all great atmosphere. It’s amazing to see how the “shuk” is at night, even on a mid-week night.

– Lee A.

“Loved This!!!”

This was an unexpected treat for me and my wife. One of the guys in our group found Ezra online and booked it. So awesome! Ezra was a great guide. We felt like we were in good hands with him the whole time. He took all of the thinking out of it and we were free to simply enjoy. We followed him to three different locations in Jerusalem and really got a good feel for the city and all it has to offer. Highly recommend!

– Tod W.

"Meet the people of Jerusalem"

They were very easy to work with and customized the timing and the evening for our group. We had spent 3 days seeing all the amazing sites around Jerusalem, but this offered a way to really meet the people of the city. We visited places that we would not have gone to on our own and each bar owner sat with us and explained their vision and business plan for their bar. We felt safe and taken care of. Each location had a large table reserved and ready to go for our group. Don’t miss this chance to explore the real energy and personality of the city!

– Luxury Travels

“Fun night in the holy city”

Was invited to join a group on the Jerusalem Pub Crawl and I was looking forward to seeing a side of Jerusalem that I don’t usually see. I really enjoyed it. It was fun to bar hop, to have someone else decide where we were going, to have organized a large table for our group at each place, and to hear about the various bars he chose in the city. Ezra is adorable which makes it even more fun!

– Debbie Z.

"Great Jerusalem adventure"

Ezra was super knowledgeable about the city and the cool places to go. we had a great time! I highly recommend!

– Beeri G.