While Jerusalem is well known for its religion, history and politics – the city’s food and drink, music and art have transformed over the past several years into a vibrant cultural hub with which most tourists, and even many locals, aren’t familiar. With us, you’ll discover Jerusalem’s hidden gems: the amazing scents, sounds, tastes, colors and people who make this city the vibrant place it is. From small groups to organizations of all sizes, we’ll create an experience you can’t get anywhere else, tailored to your interests. 


We work with large organizations such as Stand With Us and the Israel Ministry of Tourism, as well as other institutes and private groups focusing on advocacy, cultural innovation and diversity, as well as just fun. We’ve become nationally and internationally known for our unique and high quality services and expertise, winning awards in 2017 for top tour operator in Jerusalem from LTG (luxury travel guide), as well as Tripadvisor’s certificate of excellence. 

Having grown up in Jerusalem, we know and love the city intimately, and are dedicated to providing you with a memorable authentic experience. 


We strive to be local and international leaders in our field, managing a very broad network of partnerships between venue owners throughout Jerusalem. We’ve created similar platforms on Facebook for nightlife/art/food tour operators internationally, aimed at promoting their city’s culture. We also believe that culture should be accessible to all. Jerusalem Nights offers free cultural tours for special groups who need this service most. When you hire us, you become our partners in supporting the local culture and people. Read more.