Club crawls in America

club crawl vegas

So you might be planning a trip to America shortly and if you are any thing like us the first thing you’ll be wanting to know is where are all the best club crawls? Well, never fear as we have compiled some of the best crawls […]

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Jerusalem is a Cocktail

(BY: EZRA RABINOWITZ) Jerusalem has always been a city full of contrast and variety: many religions and cultures, old aside new, ancient history and new groundbreaking technologies and discoveries. Jerusalem combines many different emotions, ideologies and cultures. Just like a cocktail, Jerusalem combines different flavours […]

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Why I really shop at the Shuk

(BY: ARI WENIG) The age of social media has been all about connecting people. And it has, indeed, built bridges across continents, shared ideas over oceans, and created an international, real-time conversation that never stops flowing. This globalised, virtual world is dynamic, rapidly and exponentially […]

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Diving Deep into Jerusalem’s Culture

(BY: EZRA RABINOWITZ)  Imagine yourself sitting in a cafe on bustling Jaffa Road in downtown Jerusalem, sipping Turkish coffee as people rush by during the excitement of the Jewish holidays. An ultra-Orthodox man urges Jewish men to put on tefillin (phylacteries), while nearby an Orthodox […]

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