June 11, 2017

Jerusalem is a Cocktail


Jerusalem has always been a city full of contrast and variety: many religions and cultures, old aside new, ancient history and new groundbreaking technologies and discoveries. Jerusalem combines many different emotions, ideologies and cultures. Just like a cocktail, Jerusalem combines different flavours together to create something unique and exquisite, something to savor.

The new cocktail bar, tap&tail, represents Jerusalem at its finest. In the heart of the Mahane Yehuda Market, a bustling center with yelling vendors and rushing buyers haggling over prices – you can find a quiet place to sit amongst the chaos and enjoy a relaxing cocktail. Cocktails are usually seen as something to enjoy only after making a reservation and wearing something expensive.

But the tap&tail is a different breed of cocktail bars. A laid back place, it was opened in April 2017 by two young local Jerusalemites, Gil Barnea(23) and Matan Parides(22), after they finished their army service. Whether you are businessman taking the evening off or a backpacker looking to meet locals, they will serve you with a smile. The place offers high quality cocktails in an unusual setting. When the market stalls close, and the pressure of buying and selling subsides, the owners put out clean blankets and pillows on the empty stalls so their clients can sit back and relax. You can enjoy your Mojito while sitting right where lemons were sold moments before. “We wanted to create a place where people can enjoy a sophisticated culture while still being welcome however they come. We thought that having a very high quality cocktail bar in the middle of the market offers a unique contrast that truly encapsulates Jerusalem”. Beyond the cocktails, The tap&tail offers a diverse menu, beautiful decor and a relaxed atmosphere.

Afterall, that’s what Jerusalem is all about. Contrast. Cocktails are special, and to truly enjoy one you should stop and let all the flavors set in and rest on your palate. The same attitude should be taken while experiencing Jerusalem. So, sit back, grab a cocktail, and enjoy.

Important note: This post was not endorsed in any way, and was published purely due to Jerusalem Night’s broad goal of promoting Jerusalem’s nightlife and culture while supporting local young businesses.

Check them out: tap&tail