November 28, 2017

The best bars in Jerusalem’s city center

drinking in jerusalem

The best bars in the city center of Jerusalem

There are several nightlife attractions in Jerusalem, among those are the vibrant bar scene of Mahne Yehuda market, the intimate wine bars of Rehavia or our favorite, the city center (Merkaz Ha’ailr).

If you are looking for a chill bar to have a drink in, a cool dance bar to dance in or even a local drag show, the city center is your place and it’s not the same if you haven’t visited these top places.

bars in jerusalem


Sira –

A cozy, alternative bar that is a great representation of the city. A place with a special vibe and even more special people. The Sira proud itself for accepting all people so you can easily find  Jewish orthodox, Arab Muslims and young non-religious people seating next to each other. Great for the late hours of the night.

Ben Sira St 4

bars in jerusalem

Video bar

Video –

In the coolest block in town lies a hidden gay bar that is fun for all. With music that ranges from Britney Spears to Rihanna and a super friendly staff, the Video is the place in town to meet interesting people and dance the night away.

Horkanus St 1

bars in jerusalem

Cactus 9

Cactus 9 –

During the week the Cactus is a chill bar with great drinks but, on the weekends the place turns into a real party spot with great electronic music and an amazing vibe.

If you want to rub shoulders with locals that is definitely the place for you.

Shoshan St 4

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Pergamon –

If it’s Thursday or Friday night and you are looking for a great party, look no further because, in the same building as the Video bar (but just one floor down), you will find a terrific spot. A distinguished line-up of local and international DJs will make your hurt burst in joy as the acoustics in the small room is just perfect. On Wednesdays, they sometimes have cool drag shows that are famous around town.

If you need to stock up on energy the Pergamon also has a restaurant inside where you can take a break from dancing and enjoy delicious, local food.

Horkanus St 1

cocktail bars in jerusalem


Gatsby –

A hidden cocktail bar that will not embarrass the top cocktail bars in London and Paris.

The entrance room looks like an old den but after the secret door opens you enter a world of magic. The bartenders are extremely professional and hospitable and the cocktails are ingeniously crafted.

Hillel St 18


Next time we’ll tell you all about our favorite places in Mahne Yehuda market. Enjoy for now