December 19, 2017

The best bars in Mahne Yehuda market

Great food from different parts of the world, fresh vegetables and tons of cool sweets are just some of the things you can find during the day in the vivid Mahne Yehuda market in Jerusalem.

But, when the sun sets and the merchants go home, the real fun starts. With the crowd of shoppers and hungry tourists changing to young, enthusiastic party people, so does the atmosphere and the food stands make room for busy bars.

Let us tell you about the best ones.

cocktail bar in jerusalem


– Tap&Tail –

A lovely, new cocktail bar in one of the secret alleys of the market. Along with some familiar classics, in the Tap&Tail you can find great original cocktails and most importantly, friendly staff that will make sure that you enjoy your visit. Even though the bar itself is not big, they spread out to the closed vegetable stands and create an intimate, alternative sitting arrangement in the street. As you probably figured from the name, in the Tap&Tale you can munch on some delicious Tapas dishes.

bars in jerusalem

A buddy’s

– A Buddy’s –

For you who don’t know it, “Abuddy” is one of the more familiar cookie brands in Israel, going back to the early 20th century when the Abaddy family came to Israel from Damascus.

Today, in the old factory store of the original cookies, there’s a cool little bar that is operated by the grandchildren of the legendary cookie king, Joseph Abaddy. The bar offers unique cocktails along with a cozy atmosphere and changing music.

craft beer

Beer Bazaar

– Beer Bazaar –

If you like beer (who doesn’t..) and want to see what is the local beer scene is all about, the Beer Bazaar is your place. With over 90 brands of Israeli craft beers, everyone can find his or her’s favorite type. If it’s a lager, pale ale, stout or wheat beer, you can find it in the Beer Bazaar. As for a place that respects itself they also brew their own beer so make sure to ask what’s on tap that day.

bars in jerusalem

Freddy Lemmon

– Freddy Lemmon –

A seemingly simple bar in the middle of the market but when you enter and sit for a drink, you realize that the atmosphere in Freddy Lemmon is very special.

The crowd consists of young local people and curious tourists that happened to pass by and offers local live concerts and diverse theme nights.

bars in Mahne yehuda market


– Hashcena (the neighbor) –

A few blocks further than the main streets of the market you can find a great corner bar called Hashcena. Hashcena is a bit more modern in its design but still a very cozy place with cool drinks.

We recommend the hot wine on a cold winter day.


So there you have it, cocktail bars, craft beers and other fun places for your next visit to the market. Enjoy.