November 20, 2017

The best street food in Jerusalem

Street food in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is known for many things, its rich history, its religious importance and more, but maybe one of the less known attractions in Jerusalem is its great and diverse street food scene.

From pizza and Georgian food to soup and Hummus, you can find it all in Jerusalem’s streets. That is why we are happy to present you with a list of the top street food places Jerusalem has to offer:

Mahne Yehuda market:

street food in Jerusalem

Pizzeria Flora

Pizzeria Flora – 

Arguably the best pizza in Jerusalem at the moment. Even though it’s considered as a gourmet pizza, the motto of the folks in Flora is: “Simple is more”.  You will not find a real Napolitan pizza outside of Naples but this is the closest thing to it.

2 Hadekel st.

Street food Jerusalem

Dwiny Pita Bar

Dwiny Pita Bar- 

First, let’s say that the person who invented the Pita bread is a genius and should be rewarded a novel prize. It’s a fact: everything tastes better in a Pita and that’s twice as true in Dwiny’s.

Meat, fish or vegetables, everything goes at Dwiny’s and the atmosphere is great. The owner Dini Kasorla puts an emphasis on quality ingredients in a reasonable price.

6 Beit Ya’akov st.

Georgian food


Khachapuria – 

Named after the famous Georgian dish, Khachapuri. The Khachapuria brings you the authentic flavors of the Georgian kitchen. The place specializes in unique pastries with different fillings and divine tastes.

5 Hashikma st.


The old city:

Street food in Jerusalem

Jaffar sweets

Jaffar Sweets – 

A coffee shop that is one of the most famous establishments in Jerusalem.  It’s located in the Christian quarter so you cannot finish a tour in the old city without stopping at Jafar for some Arabic Knafe, Basbusa or Baklava.

Hummus Lina – 

Considered to be one of the best Hummus restaurants in Jerusalem, Hummus Lina is a family institution that has been perfecting its recipes for the last 65 years. Try and make your Hummus dish a bit more interesting by adding pine nuts, beans or a hard-boiled egg.

42 Akebat a Hanake st.

Kebab Shaab – 

In a tiny room, in the middle of the Perfume market lies the Kebab heaven. Spreading the smell of charcoal meat and attracting hungry travelers with its scent. In Shaab you can get a delicious lamb Kebab in a Pita bread or on a plate with grilled vegetables and some yogurt and the taste is unbelievable. There are no signs to the place but if you ask the local merchants they will all point you in the right direction.


The city center:

street food in Jerusalem

Hummus Ben Sira

Hummus Ben Sira – 

A lovely place to have lunch in a middle of a busy day. Except for delicious Hummus with interesting toppings (mushrooms, meat, cauliflower), they also offer a changing daily special of home cooked foods so even if you are not a big Hummus lover, there’s always something to eat there.

3 Ben Sira st.

street food Jerusalem


Hamarakia – 

Entering the Marakia is like going back in time. Here you will find homemade soups that change on a daily basis, along with some other delicacies like homemade Hummus and a special Labane cheese with eggplant. The furniture is vintage and so is the atmosphere of the place which allows you to escape the hectic pace of the outside world.

4 Koresh st.

Georgie – 

A place that combines the principles of fast food and quality ingredients. The highlight dish here is a slow-cooked beef stew, served inside a delicious Pita bread with a choice of one of four house sauces. There’s also a tasty vegetarian dish and soups in the winter.

37 King George St.


We don’t know what about you but we just hungry. See you in Jerusalem.