Sponsor an Event

Social Awareness

Social responsibility and contribution are part of our vision. We organize free events for groups who deserve to have a good time: lone soldiers, holocaust survivors, local organizations etc.

The events are organized 100% voluntarily. Nonetheless, there are still expenses involved with such productions. Our goal is to offer 12 of these free events a year (once a month). With your help we can reach this goal and put smiles on people’s faces.

How to Sponsor an Event

If you would like to sponsor an event, please contact us.

$600 – Evening Celebration.
Support a fun-filled evening celebration that brings people together. Participants will enjoy alcoholic beverages and food free of charge, icebreakers, mingling and socializing. This event is suitable for up to 30 participants.

$1,000 – Deluxe Nightlife Tour.
Sponsor a Nightlife & Culture Tour that allows the participants to get a true and authentic impression of the hidden local culture. We take the participants to 3 unique nightlife venues. At each venue the owners will talk with the group about the establishment and share their vision. Each participant will receive a beer/cocktail/wine at every venue. This event is suitable for up to 30 participants.

Donate Services

Let us know if you would like to donate professional services, space or food & drink for such events. We’re happy to market your business and brand in return.

  • Food & Drink: Any of these will be added to our event to promise a truly awesome event for the participants.
  • Professional Services: Tour guiding, marketing, photography, graphic design, etc.
  • Location: Do you have a hall, bar or outdoor area that could hold a sponsored event?

For more information, please contact us